Top Office Tools

Top Tools to Make You Productive at the Office


There are only so many hours in a day, so ensuring that you time is will spent is crucial. There are two ways to boos your output - either you work more hours or work smarter. The latter choice is definitely the better option. Being more productive at work isn't very difficult, but it you do have to be more cautious about how you manage your time. Here are some important tools that you can help you be more productive at the office.


Rescue Time


Rescue Time is comparable to Toggl, but it provides more advanced features. It can be installed on your computer and will monitor the various programs and websites that you spend the most time on. It is a great productivity tool, which not only indicates where you are spending your time, but also which hours are your least or most productive, as well as your best and worst days of the week (or month). The Premium package allows to you block out distracting websites and provides more filters. However, the free version still has a considerable amount of functionality.


Task Manager / Project Manager App


Task and project management applications at of some kind are crucial to making certain that you are getting things done as well as getting the right things completed. It is quite tough to know if you are working smart if you do not have a complete list of the things that need to be done or organized. Here are some great applications to get you started: Remember the Milk, Toodledo, Things, OmniFocus, Evernote, and Todoist.




Smartwatches are the latest innovative devices for productivity, particularly for to-do lists. Although they don't offer much new functionality compared to smartphones, smartwatch devices allow you to do and process tasks faster since you can quickly add tasks using just your voice. They can also create more powerful reminders because you can finish or postpone them without taking out your phone and unlocking it - you only need to check your wrist. For more details about office tools, check out




How many times have you been distracted or been unable to concentrate due to the background noise in the office? With Noisli, you just require a pair of headphones to produce a quiet and productive space. You can select from a wide range of relaxing background sounds such as rainfall, waves, passing train, birdsong, thunderstorm, and many others. These sounds can be combined to produce the ideal atmosphere to focus on your work. Check out this website at for more info!